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Ann Wells, Our Realtor of the Week

Ann Wells, Our Realtor of the Week

At Classic Homes Realty we take pride in our Realtors, so we are very excited to bring to you our Realtor of the Week on our blog!

This week’s Realtor is Ann Wells. She has been a Broker for 27 years, and brings an array of experience with her.

We sat down with Ann to ask her a few questions in regards to Real Estate, some of her favorite activities to do in Vermilion County and a bit of advice for those first-time home buyers.

How long have you been a Realtor, Ann?

I have been in the business of Real Estate as a licensed Broker since 1991.

What made you want to become a Realtor?

In the beginning, 1991 – 2001, I was a property manager; my husband and I owned several rentals and seemed like a natural progression.

What are some of your accomplishments?

Most importantly, I have earned five Professional Designations, ABR, CRS, GRI, SFR, SRES; meaning I have more education and experience than most Realtors. Because I decided to become a Realtor I wanted to be able to do the job to the best of my ability. I did not feel like 45 hours of Real Estate classes qualified me to help folks make one of the biggest decisions in their life. My buyers and sellers are my job! Everything I do is with their best interest in mind. I also taught the Real Estate pre-license class and some CE courses. I absolutely loved teaching, but quickly found that I just didn’t have the time. I have been one of the top producing agents in Vermilion County since I started selling real estate. I have earned the President’s Award from the State of Illinois each and every year. I was also affiliated with a franchise that I received many accolades and honors, however, I have truly enjoyed owning an independent company (1st Choice Realty) for several years then selling and joining the Classic Homes Realty Team!

What is your favorite part of working in Real Estate?

I love being able to guide young home buyers as they work through the maze of purchasing a home. I enjoy advising them and helping them make a wise decision. I want them to be able to sell the home that I help them purchase when they are ready to move on. So I make sure they know possible future scenarios; like is the value in the neighborhood stable or is it falling? Will it matter if I buy a manufactured, modular, stick built or a fixer upper? What improvements make sense for future gain? Now so much time has passed since I started in the business I am working for second generations of buyers. It is so cool to see the grown children of former clients and experience the trust they put in me to assist them as I did their parents. I also love mentoring new Agents! They are so eager to make real estate their profession, but very few have the determination it takes to be successful. I don’t mean successful in a monetary way, but successful in gaining confidence of their clients and earning referrals for a job well done!

Do you happen to have any funny stories from your time of being in this line of work?

I have found that different folks have different things of importance when they buy like: Is there a room for my dogs and room for the actual people beds for them to sleep in? Is there room for my birds with lead free paint just in case they peck and swallow the lead based paint woodwork? What about my cats? Or is there a garage for my boat? My motorcycles? My antique cars? Is there room for a garden? Is there room for a shuffleboard court? Or a swimming pool? Or maybe a barn designed for basketball only? Snakes anyone? I was showing a house with a ravine out back when several newly hatched “babettes” suddenly came slithering across the basement floor; needless to say the buyers were not interested. Personally I like spiders and snakes as they are rid of us worse pests naturally. LOL!

What is your favorite thing about Danville/Vermilion County?

I have several favorite things about our community! My number one passion is the success of Downtown Danville! I have always believed that pride spreads just as disgust and disappointment! I was a Board Member of Danville Renaissance for several years, serving as the E.O. during their final year. I believe our Downtown has so much potential! The River Front Project has long been one of my priorities; let’s hope that this time around it comes to fruition! I have also supported several Downtown events for years; it’s unbelievable that so many folks don’t know about the happenings in their community!
I feel fortunate to live in a county that has so many natural resources! Lakes, rivers, streams, county and State Parks, even little Lake Hershel in Tilton is a gem! We have Eagles, Swans, Pelicans, Sand cranes, herons, otters, bobcats and more! It saddens me that our leaders make decisions like tearing out the dams around Ellsworth Park when they have never experienced the beauty of what they are now.
We also have Historic Homes, The Fisher Theater, Red Mask, Farmers Market, a bounty of antique and specialty shops and little food niches that are worth getting out to visit! Arts in the Park, Summer Sounds, Music at Lincoln Park, and more! As I said, Danville and Vermilion County has so much to offer.

What is your favorite spring/summer activity to do in Danville?

Mushroom hunting and fishing! I can never find those special morels but I like trying. Fishing is my number one past time; everyone that knows me…..knows that! I also enjoy Summer Sounds and all of the other festivals and events that make our Community unique. Don’t forget Balloons Over Vermilion, County will happening before you know it!

What do you like to do in your spare time? (just for fun!)

I have been a professional Bass Angler since 1984. I have traveled and competed in several circuits all across the Country, just me with my bass boat in tow. But I truly believe “There is no place like home!” I can go to the River at Ellsworth and catch more than a limit of 3 pound plus small-mouth bass and I have often said Lake Vermilion is one of the best fisheries I have ever been on. Lake “Vermud” has turned into a big fish producer, really! I love fishing the Thursday night Bass Tournament at Lake Vermilion; My partner and I have qualified for the Thursday Night Classic every year since we started fishing the event many years ago. I relish the friendships and memories I have made. It took years for the male anglers to accept me but I persevered and earned their respect; as the famous B.A.S.S. angler Mike Iconelli says…;.”Never give up!”

What is some advice you would like to give to first time home buyers?

Do your homework! Sadly, not all Realtors are the same. Ask your Agent if they are full or part time. If they don’t return calls or stay in touch find an Agent that will! Can your REALTOR answer all of your questions and point you in the right direction? Remember…buying a home is a VERY BIG DEAL! Don’t regret your decision; get it right the first time.

I would like also like to add that I truly enjoy working for all of my sellers! I so appreciate the confidence and trust they place in me. They are on my mind every day until the deal is done. It’s so important that an Agent knows the market and that they can explain the facts and numbers to sellers. Sometimes a REALTOR will tell a seller what they want to hear just to be able to brag about how many listings they have. My job is to sell a client’s home so it is very important to me that they know the truth and have the facts from the start. My upfront and straightforward advice sometimes offends sellers. I typically refuse overpriced listings as I know that I cannot achieve the seller’s expectations and both sides will end up frustrated. I know that a PROPERLY PRICED HOME IS PRACTICALLY SOLD! I also know that MARKETING MATTERS!

Ann Wells can be found under our “Meet Our Agents” page, on Classic Home’s website. She has many beautiful listings just waiting for the right buyer!

Next week we will be sitting down with Minni Seth to get the scoop on what made her want to become a Broker, and what she enjoys doing in her spare time!


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